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Luida’s Bar: Tokyo’s Dragon Quest Bar

When it comes to video games and themed dining, Japan is where it’s at, so it’s no surprise that there are a few video game themed cafes, bars and restaurants in Tokyo. We stopped by Luida’s Bar – the Dragon Quest themed bar in Tokyo’s suburb of Roppongi – to check it out and try a drink. 

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Planetarium Bar Tokyo: Japan’s darkest bar

Planetarium Bar (プラネタリウム BAR) is one of a number of venues that comes up on those lists of “Top 10 Weird Themed Bars in Japan” and “Top 5 Crazy Cafes in Tokyo”, but not many people seem to have actually visited this one. When I read about such venues on these types of lists and then I visit the bar/restaurant/cafe for myself, I’m often surprised at how different the place is to what I was expecting. Well, Planetarium Bar was certainly no exception to this rule!

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