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Luida’s Bar: Tokyo’s Dragon Quest Bar

When it comes to video games and themed dining, Japan is where it’s at, so it’s no surprise that there are a few video game themed cafes, bars and restaurants in Tokyo. We stopped by Luida’s Bar – the Dragon Quest themed bar in Tokyo’s suburb of Roppongi – to check it out and try a drink. 

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Planetarium Starry Cafe: themed dining at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

Planetarium Starry Cafe is – you guessed it – a planetarium themed cafe. What makes this cafe special is that it’s located within Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Or more to the point, what makes Haneda Airport special is that, amongst other things, it boasts a cafe featuring a planetarium.

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Calbee Plus: freshly fried potato chips with chocolate and soft-serve ice-cream

Calbee Plus is a cafe and store run by popular Japanese snack brand, Calbee. What’s so special about Calbee Plus? For starters, they make freshly fried potato crisps on site. But wait, there’s more! You can get Calbee’s freshly fried potato chips drizzled in Royce chocolate, with optional soft-serve ice-cream. We visited the Odaiba store for chips covered in chocolate, cheese and ice-cream.

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