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Kawaii Monster Cafe Harajuku: Tokyo’s trippiest restaurant

The Kawaii Monster Cafe – かわいいモンスターカフェ – opened in August 2015 as a collaboration between artist Sebastian Masuda and Diamond Dining, the company responsible for several of Tokyo’s best known themed restaurants. No less than a match made in heaven, the Kawaii Monster Cafe is right at home in iconic Harajuku (原宿), the home of kawaii. Read on to find out about the crazy, colourful dining experience Tokyo’s most trippy themed cafe has to offer.

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Takano Fruit Parlour: couture fruits and parfaits

Shinjuku Takano is a purveyor of couture gift fruits and gourmet fruit dessert creations, and has been around since 1885. As the name suggests, its main store is in the Tokyo suburb of Shinjuku. It takes up several floors, with each level dedicated to something different (but always fruit-related), from expensive fruits in gift boxes to take-away treats, gourmet jellies, and a fruit parlour serving gorgeous parfaits made from seasonal fresh fruit. The top floor of the Shinjuku Takano flagship building is the Takano Fruit Parlour – a must for any parfait lover, and anyone with a taste for fresh fruit desserts.

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Berry Parlour by Cafe Comme Ca: beautiful parfaits and cakes

Berry Parlour is one of several cafes owned by the clothing and homewares company, Comme Ca. Don’t be put off by the fact that the cafes are run by a clothing company; their cakes and parfaits are real works of art. This is a big call, but I think the fruit parfaits and tarts at Cafe Comme Ca’s Berry Parlour may be some of the most beautiful that you will find. And they taste every bit as good as they look.

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Halloween in Tokyo

Halloween is a reasonably new celebration in Japan, with Tokyo very quickly establishing itself as one of the best places to visit for Halloween. Some suburbs of Tokyo such as Shibuya go all out for Halloween. It’s a celebration which is becoming bigger and better every year in Japan, and I have spent the past two Halloween seasons in Tokyo. Read on to find out why Tokyo is such a great place to celebrate Halloween.

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Maid Cafe: Maidreamin Digitized Cafe in Shibuya

Themed cafes are a big thing in Japan, and one of the most popular type of themed cafe is the maid cafe (メイド喫茶 or メイドカフ). You might see these included in lists of crazy cafes and weird themed restaurants, and more specifically, in amongst a sub-category of unusual themed eateries known as cosplay restaurants (コスプレ系飲食店). If you’re interested in trying out some themed dining options in Japan, you might want to think about adding a maid cafe to your itinerary.

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Artnia: the egg-shaped Square Enix store and cafe

Located in an egg shaped building in Shinjuku, Artnia is both a cafe and Square Enix merchandise store. For those who are not familiar with Square Enix, this is the company responsible for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and other games. Restaurants, bars and cafes associated with games (as well as anime) are amongst the things that Japan does best, and Artnia is no exception.

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