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Calbee Plus: freshly fried potato chips with chocolate and soft-serve ice-cream

Calbee Plus is a cafe and store run by popular Japanese snack brand, Calbee. What’s so special about Calbee Plus? For starters, they make freshly fried potato crisps on site. But wait, there’s more! You can get Calbee’s freshly fried potato chips drizzled in Royce chocolate, with optional soft-serve ice-cream. We visited the Odaiba store for chips covered in chocolate, cheese and ice-cream.

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Aqua City Odaiba Shrine: on top of a building in Tokyo

If there’s anywhere in the world where you’ll find a shrine on top of a large building, it’s Japan. Aqua City Odaiba Shrine creates a great juxtaposition between traditional and modern Japan, and has spectacular views of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay.

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