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Pablo Mini Cheese Tarts: Japan’s famous treats in Akihabara

Pablo (パブロ) is a chain of cafes found around Japan, famous for its delicious cheese tarts. They also have a number of Pablo Mini outlets where you can buy mini cheese tarts on the go. We joined a respectably long queue to taste test the Pablo Mini cheese tarts in the Tokyo suburb of Akihabara.

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6 Themed Hotels in Japan: we’ve stayed in all of them

Japan has a reputation for its wacky themed restaurants. It’s also the home of quirky themed hotel rooms. We’ve stayed in six of the best themed hotel rooms in Tokyo – read on for a glimpse into these weird and wonderful places.

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Pompompurin Cafe Harajuku: a super kawaii Sanrio restaurant in Tokyo

Japan is the home of kawaii, themed cafes and Sanrio. One of Sanrio’s cutest characters, Pompompurin has a cafe in the heart of Harajuku, one of the most kawaii suburbs in Tokyo. Naturally, we had to check it out.

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